It might surprise you to learn that the nerves in your wrist can experience pinching, similar to the vertebrae in your spine. This compression in the wrist often results in carpal tunnel syndrome. Opting for invasive procedures can be costly, and many individuals may not be aware that chiropractic care offers proven methods for treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people invest in expensive procedures that may ultimately prove unsuccessful in resolving the issue. Fortunately, CU Chiropractic provides chiropractic care in Federal Way as an effective and therapeutic approach to alleviate symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Federal Way

When the median nerve in the hand is irritated, it is typically due to misalignment of the wrist or swelling. Patients often describe a tingling sensation or pain throughout the hand, and simple tasks like picking up small objects can become challenging as the hand weakens. Interestingly, some individuals may perceive their hand as inflamed when no actual inflammation is present.

Understanding the origins of carpal tunnel syndrome can be perplexing for those affected. While some recall a hand injury that coincided with the onset of symptoms, others are uncertain about the cause. Research indicates that specific occupations involving repetitive hand tasks or regular use of vibrating tools can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, physiological disorders can also be implicated in its development.

Carpal tunnel syndrome typically manifests more frequently in the dominant hand, though both hands can be affected. Despite this, many healthcare professionals often concentrate on treating the area where pain occurs, even though the actual cause may lie elsewhere in the body. Spinal nerve issues are a common underlying cause for carpal tunnel syndrome in the arms and hands. Consequently, treatments solely addressing hand pain have proven to be less effective in the long run. Unfortunately, four out of ten misguided surgeries fail to address the issue adequately. Carpal tunnel syndrome also tends to be more prevalent in women due to their larger tunnel diameter compared to men.

Best Treatment for Carpal Tunnel at CU Chiropractic

The most effective treatment option is one that targets the root cause of the issue rather than merely addressing the symptoms. Consistent with our approach to various health concerns, our office advocates starting with a non-invasive method. At CU Chiropractic, we design a personalized plan tailored to address your specific condition. Many patients experience relief after just a few adjustments, and the therapy continues until you achieve optimal health restoration.

Our dedicated team at CU Chiropractic in Federal Way understands the pain and frustration associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, and we are eager to assist you in regaining complete health. Feel free to reach out to us— we are more than happy to help you find the relief you seek!

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