Are you currently grappling with a disc injury or slipped disc in Federal Way? Understanding the events that led to the disc injury is crucial for assessing the severity of the condition. Given the potential for severe pain and the various issues that can cause it, the expertise of a trained chiropractor in Federal Way becomes essential in addressing this problem. The experienced chiropractic team at CU Chiropractic is well-equipped to alleviate your pain and guide you toward a healthier life.

Discs serve as the padding between your vertebrae, consisting of a tough outer ring and a gel-like inner circle. These discs play a vital role in maintaining mobility, providing flexibility, and ensuring proper nerve function. Without them, movement would be significantly restricted.

Disc Injury in Federal Way

A slipped disc is identified when the gel-like center of a disc protrudes from the bottom of the vertebrae, leading to severe pain and nerve irritation as the primary outcomes of this condition.

A herniated disc represents an intensified form of a slipped disc, where the gel-like center is pushed out even farther. This can result in partial paralysis of surrounding nerves and heightened levels of pain.

Disc Extrusion

Disc extrusions represent the most severe form of disc injuries, occurring when the inner portion of a disc nearly or completely leaks out. This condition leads to overwhelming pain or a significant reduction in the range of motion.

The skilled team at CU Chiropractic in Federal Way is well-equipped and trained to assist in fixing and facilitating your recovery from a disc injury. Don't hesitate to reach out today with any questions or to schedule an appointment, taking advantage of our new patient special.

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