Do you find yourself dealing with scoliosis in Federal Way? Typically, scoliosis arises from a gradual curvature of the spine that tends to worsen over time. To be diagnosed with scoliosis, an individual must exhibit at least a 10-degree curve in the spine, often with a more significant angle. Scoliosis is commonly associated with considerable pain. Fortunately, there's hope! Through a proactive treatment approach, chiropractors in Federal Way can effectively address and even prevent the progression of scoliosis.

Chiropractic Care for Scoliosis in Federal Way

While the precise cause of scoliosis remains unclear despite extensive research, it is often observed to be more prevalent in young women. Scoliosis commonly results from the misplacement of a single vertebra, leading to an imbalance as the muscles along the spine begin favoring specific areas of the back. This imbalance and misalignment contribute to the gradual curvature of the spine. Educators, due to their close interaction with students, can often detect scoliosis by noting the noticeable tilt in affected individuals. Unlike other spinal conditions, correcting posture alone does not suffice for treating scoliosis.

Although scoliosis predominantly manifests in children, it can also develop in adults. As individuals age, the vertebrae undergo a degenerative process, and in the case of those with osteoporosis, this degeneration can accelerate. The weakening of discs and vertebrae results in the mentioned imbalances and misalignments, ultimately leading to scoliosis. If left untreated, the curvature can potentially cause damage to organs.

A healthcare professional can conduct a simple x-ray to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. At CU Chiropractic in Federal Way, our team is well-versed and experienced in diagnosing and addressing scoliosis.

Treating Scoliosis

Much like many other health conditions, opting for the least invasive approach initially is a prudent choice. Research has demonstrated the efficacy of chiropractic care in successfully treating scoliosis. At CU Chiropractic, our experienced team has a history of effectively assisting patients. Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough examination of your back and overall health, aiming to identify the underlying causes of your scoliosis. Factors such as poor nutrition, injuries, or specific occupations have been observed to contribute to this condition. Following the evaluation, we tailor a personalized and effective plan designed specifically for your healing process. Gentle spinal adjustments are then employed to correct the misaligned spine. Many individuals find themselves able to return to their favorite activities after undergoing this treatment.

Feel free to reach out to us at CU Chiropractic in Federal Way with any questions you may have. We are here to assist you!

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